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QE2 Hotel 2013

A major project to return the ship to London was announced in late 2012 which resulted in many news reports and articles about the ship in early 2013. The QE2 London plan is to see the ship docked on the Thames, near the O2 Arena and opened as a luxury hotel and tourist attraction in the capital.

However, on 17 January 2013 Dubai Drydocks World announced that QE2 will become a 500 room luxury hotel in Asia. Learn about the hotel plan by clicking here. QE2 was moved to the Dry Dock at Dubai in preparation for an anticipated journey to Asia. No destination has yet been announced.

At the present moment, QE2 remains in the dry dock area in Dubai. Seven design firms including Benoy (see video) have been invited to tender for the refurbishment programme. Currently an announcement is expected in November 2013 as to which is selected.

The world watches and waits to hear the final decision for QE2's future.

QE2's Warm Layup in Dubai 2008-2013

Since arriving in Dubai, the most iconic ocean liner in the world has made but three short voyages. The first was to and from the Dubai Dry Dock in 2009. The second in late 2010 when she relocated to the inner harbour at Port Rashid, to make space for the growing cruise market in Dubai, and the third another trip to the Dry Dock in 2013.

To the delight of QE2 fans worldwide, QE2 was superbly and professionally cared for by a live-in crew supplied by V-Ships from November 2008 to January 2013. The ship was in an excellent condition during this time. Her mighty MAN B&W engines were still running, powering essential services and lighting throughout the ship. As she is idle (and not sailing) the nine engines were cycled through one at a time so that they each remained in good working order.

QE2 in layup in Dubai.

Since her arrival at Port Rashid, QE2 had been "kept company" by a number of cruise ships. Her former fleet-mates QM2 and Queen Victoria visited in 2009 and 2010 during their respective world cruises while Queen Elizabeth met QE2 for the first time in early 2012.

While she was well cared for by Istithmar, since the departure of her V-Ship's crew, there are questions whether the new, smaller crew are able to care for QE2 in the same manner as her previous custodians.

It is the hope of many that she will soon enjoy a retirement fit for a queen!

QE2 New Year Party 2011

On 31 December 2011 the QE2 came alive after more than three years alongside at Port Rashid, as the location of a lavish New Years party, hosted by Global Events Management.

Hundreds of guests enjoyed a party that spanned her open decks. While hosting royalty and celebrities during the party, QE2 was the star of the show, proving to be an excellent entertainment venue.

To view images and read more about the event, click here