Cunard Adventurer

Cunard Adventurer

Nothing showcased the Cunard Line’s decision to focus on the cruise market (rather than transatlantic crossings) more than the Cunard Adventurer and her sister Ambassador.

These small ships, both a vast departure from "old Cunard" were painted all-white and had a non-traditional white and black funnel, similar to that aboard QE2.

Cunard Adventurer was the first of the company’s vessels in the 20th century to bear a name that did not end in “ia” or begin with “Queen.”

Along with her sister ship, Cunard Ambassador, Cunard Adventurer concentrated on ports in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Alaska.

Both ships experienced major financial, design and operational difficulties as Cunard struggled to make the transition to the Cruise market.

Sold in 1977, Cunard Adventurer became Sunward for NCL.